Magic for Magicians

Lectures and one to one sessions aimed at magicians at all levels

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Over 20 years advising the magic community around the world

Richard McDougall has given a number of different lectures to the magic community for over twenty years. These are always on aspects of the performance of magic, ranging from body language to eye contact, entrances to energy. They are derived from his time spent studying magic, physical theatre and physical comedy.

These sessions encourage participation and experiential learning, but there will rarely be any magic effects performed.

Richard has delivered these twice at Magic Live!, as well as at magic clubs and conventions in the UK, Europe, Japan and Iceland.

One to One Sessions

Richard also offers one to one sessions, acting as an outside eye, to pinpoint areas to be considered after observing a performance. These suggestions can cover the immediate-term, mid-term and long-term. This is best done live, but can also be done digitally.